How to Purchase Gold Bullion in Toronto

Gold is a very valuable investment today as you can ensure that this will grow in the many years to come and provide you high return value. This is a unique type of investment which has been carried out for many years. Right now, the value of gold is experiencing a rise and in the next year to come, it is expected that this rise is going to be phenomenal. At a certain time, you can purchase only the form of the big gold coins of 400 ounces.  Today, however, you can already buy online gold in the form of solid bullion bars and coins.

Gold’s purity can either be 22 karats or this can be 24 karats as well. However, every time you buy gold in toronto, the bullion bar’s value is not going to depend on this factor as this will depend on the amount of gold found in the bar.

The cost of gold bullion will depend on several factors including market value, fabrication and premium cost. You can decrease the premium cost if you will purchase bigger quantities of gold bullion. The cost of a single gold bar is 10 troy ounces. The current volatile economic conditions call for an investment made into something which is both secure and stable. For this, gold bullion is your best option.

Steps to Follow When You Buy Gold in Toronto

Decide on your purchase amount. You have to decide the exact amount of gold that you want to buy. Try to check first the current market rates for gold as these will provide you a good estimation of how much you need to spend when you buy gold online.

Prepare your cash resources. Set aside some cash to buy gold. Gold is being bought through cash and not on credit. You need to make some arrangements needed for cash for purchase.

Purchase large quantities. You can choose either to buy one gram of gold or two grams although this is not actually an amount that is worthy to invest in. As much as possible, always go for purchasing big sized gold bullion bars since these provide higher value for your money, not to mention that you will also be paying a lesser margin for these.

Look for a reliable dealer. There are plenty of dealers out there who are offering gold bullion but it is wise to choose a reputable dealer like Durham Precious Metals. This way, you can be sure that you will invest your hard earned money in purchasing genuine gold bullion. The reputation of the dealer must be checked based on the number of years they have in the industry and their records in dealing precious metals. Durham Precious Metals is a trusted name in Toronto and other nearby areas so you can be sure that you will not end up wasting your money.

Ask for a certificate. If you have plans to sell your purchased gold later on, make sure that you request  a certificate. The certificate purchase guarantees that the gold you got is really genuine.

Secure your gold storage. Finally, arrange for safe storage of your bullion bar. Due to the high value of gold bullion, you need a safety deposit locker where it can be stored for safe keeping.

 Discover the Difference of Integrating SEO into Your Business


Billions of online searches every month speak volumes on how crucial SEO or search engine optimization has become. More businesses have gone online due to the global economy and many small businesses are growing. Such staggering numbers mean that a lot of people are looking for your business and what you provide than ever before. Nevertheless, to reach those individuals, you should have a marketing strategy that incorporates SEO to rank higher in the search engine results. However, SEO management will only get you halfway there if you don’t follow the latest developments in this medium.

Importance of SEO 

SEO or also referred to as search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of online marketing. Green Genie SEO, a reliable SEO agency, believed that the power to make businesses reach lots of potential clients is what makes it very crucial inside every company. Search engines like Yahoo and Google rank sites based on their relevance to the searched terms. Those terms are called keywords and integrating keywords in the content with SEO may help you increase traffic on your business site. Yet, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Website Traffic and SEO

Online users will depend more on the results in the first several pages of the search engines when they find a service, business or product. Users won’t make the effort of going on the latter pages as they’ll most likely get what they like from the first page. If you have a website doesn’t rank in the first two pages of Yahoo or Google, it’s unlikely that it’ll attract traffic. An easy way to enhance ranking is hiring an SEO agency to optimize your site. SEO is an evolving medium and majority of businesses find it difficult to incorporate SEO in their marketing methods by themselves.

Google Algorithms Change the Internet

Google always make updates to their algorithms. The common factors of the searches that have been updated are titles, keyword density, inbound links, META tags, website traffic, and content. Google is also the most used search engine and website around the globe. Changes in Google will affect the traffic on your website.

The latest Google algorithms have made the content with overuse of redundant keywords. Google shows the most relevant content, which relates to the keywords searched. Even if such algorithms will take time in changing the search engine medium, one can’t deny the impact they’ll have on a small business. It will also make SEO more essential than ever as there’ll be no shortcuts in increasing your website traffic.

Hire the Best SEO Agency

If you want to take advantage of the power of SEO, hiring the best SEO agency can make a huge difference. Green Genie SEO is an SEO agency that will help you reach all your business goals by providing you the best SEO services that will suit your unique needs, regardless of how big or small your business is.

Ways The Governments Waste Money


Governments over the world are being accused of wasting tax payers money on unnecessary expenditure. Priorities of governments at times usually are not in line with realities on the ground and within no time, money may be spent on projects that their aims have nothing to do with the communities living around the project areas. Governments waste money by constructing projects that become white elephant projects at the end as there is no use for them as intended before.

Governments waste money through dubious local international and international deals that they enter without proper measures taken to protect the public’s money when they don’t happen in the end. When a project is cancelled at the end and no work is yet to be done, it may happen that the government is forced to make payments for not fulfilling their part of the bargain as earlier agreed. This is normally projects or contracts started with the aim of defrauding the government of funds mostly through corruption.

Tax payers’ money is lost through overpricing of products and services by people who supply the government agencies. Products and services are highly overpriced when compared to average market rates in the country. The government loses the extra funds due to the over-payment of the particular products.

Public funds are lost through other ways like double payments for goods and services offered by different government agencies whose roles overlap each other. A government health agency may have oversight roles over a particular area that is being served by another government entity. This may be ignored but in real sense, it is a way that the government wastes money which adds up to millions when everything is factored in.

Governments waste money through the spending of the huge budgets on wages and salaries to bloated civil services that does not provide value for money. Many governments have bloated civil servants who do not have much to do in the offices and many government agencies but have to be paid at the end of the month. They get to earn salaries with no equivalent job done. When taken into account, the governments will realize much money is also lost through ghost workers who are paid but they do not actually exists in their work stations as they appear to be in official documents. Ghost workers are a common problem in many countries and eradicating them has proved a challenge for many countries so far.

Government workers are known for their extravagance when it comes to expenditures involving the funds belonging to the government. They plan for expensive trips to exotic destination for functions or meetings that would otherwise be held within their boundaries and at cheap prices. This is a way that governments waste money and they should have caps that protect such from happening.

Governments of poor nations are known for their insensitive spending when they spend excessively on lavish parties for state guests and giving state gifts to people who would otherwise not deserve such. All this is at the expense of their general public that is surviving on little. This is another way the governments lose money.


When you look to create a product most people will only view the economic imperative of profit, this is often very self-centred and limited in those it serves and only generally for a very limited time period.! If we look at it differently and take a simple product like a copper bangle.

46664 Bangle COPPER

Now ordinarily the copper would be mined in a remote location and sent to china for refining and then cast into usable ingots or wire strand. That strand is then sold to a factory and shaped into a bangle as an example. The bangle is sold to a merchant who then adds packaging and marketing to sell to a consumer. This all sound great but when the merchant orders the bangle from let’s say china the only imperative are hard costs so they can maximize profit and cover the rent marketing and profit they require, which is often in the many 100 percentile, while the manufacturing process is often a point of human rights controversy.

Now take that very same bangle and have the mine in your own country, refine the metal in your own country rather than ship the ore out via container, refinery jobs created. The refined metal in wire or ingots are then sent to a factory to make into bangles, more labor and jobs created. The packaging is now made in your own country, helping the packaging industry and more Jobs. The marketing and sales function are now helping the economy, but if we started exporting these items we will build the country even more as we add to a positive balance of trade with foreign money entering the country.

Beneficiation is the simple process of taking a raw material and adding as many stages of value to it as possible inside our own economy. The improvement in stability and economic viability of the country we live in is something we all feel the impact of in areas we often don’t realize, like crime and the informal sector where most jobs reside in developing nations.

Mining the ore and shipping it elsewhere only creates mining jobs, Adding the value to the complete products creates more than double the jobs but more importantly it will have all the additional people adding to the economy at multiples.

When we study the resources of the planet we notice some startling facts almost immediately, the largest proportion of mineral assets are found in Africa, the highest amount of beneficiation to base materials and products happens in Asia. We have the power to change the face of Africa through one simple principal “ Beneficiation”  Start small but think big and then we must scale fast to catch up, the world won’t wait for us.

Apply this to any industry and perhaps you will see things like food products, metals and minerals, clothing, service industries, pharmaceuticals and much more. Today look at what you do in your company and ask yourself, how do we add value to the products using resources from our own country? This could be as simple as buy a product from outside your country but make the packaging in your country to localize it and add value in a way your culture understands. You might be surprised to see an improvement in sales of your product when you start to care about the local content.